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Best Sony Vegas Rendering Settings!

So these are the settings I use for Sony Vegas 13, and I think its these settings as the best because I feel like the settings are small enough, but still really good looking.

So start up Sony Vegas, and put your video clips on the time line. Beside the video preview, there should be a little button that looks like this 8a09c4a124123feaf225442173de0875 Click that, and it should pop up with a window like this57d6f6e07dc4531200434d71d367bacb













So make the width 1920, and the height 1080 if you want 1080p video, if you want 720p  video, make the width 1280 and the height 720, not make the field order none, and the pixel aspect ratio to 1 and the output rotation to 0 degrees.

If you want 30 fps video, put the frame rate to 29.970 fps and if you want 60 fps video, put it to 59.940 and put stereoscopic 3D mode to off.

now put pixel format to 32 bit, Put motion blur type to gaussian and deinterlace method to blend fields. Finally, turn off adjust source media to better match project or render settings, and make sure start all new projects with these settings. Now click apply and OK.

Now, go to options at the top, and then preference and then click video and if you can, make sure to set GPU acceleration of video processing to your graphics card.

Once your ready to render the video, click file, and then render as. It will pop up with a window like thisfbad18b9a9053e9c17cf283f934ff698











Click on the drop down menu for mainconcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4 .avc) and click on internet HD 1080p or 720p depending on what resolution you want to render in, click it and then click customize template. Now, it will pop up with a window like this

















Now, click on frame size, either select 1080p or 720p depending on what you want to render in, now make sure profile is on main, now click frame rate, and put it to ethier 29.970 fps for 30 fps or 59.940 for 60 fps and tick off allow source to adjust frame rate.

For field order make sure its none and for pixel aspect ratio make sure its 1. Make sure to have variable bit rate instead of constant bit rate (bps) and make the maximum 24,000,000 and averege 12,000,000 and make number of slices 4. Tick on enable progressive download.

















Now go to system, and click check GPU. if it says CUDA is available or I’m pretty sure it can say openGL is available. Then go back to video and put encode mode to whatever it says, if nothings available click on render using CPU only. Now click on audio at the bottom, and you should see thisf3ab57f5ddcf530b6e7312197caa700f















Now, click include audio if you want audio in the video, and now to find your sample rate click on the arrow at the bottom right of your task bar and then right click the sound icon and click recording devices and then right click your mic and click properties and then click advanced and it will say default format and however many hz it says there put how many hzs, for me its 44,100 hz. and put the bit rate to 128,000

Now click project at the bottom

















Click the drop down menu for video rendering quality and select good or best depending on how long you want it to take to render and file size, the higher the better looking and bigger file sizes, and times to render. put stereoscopic 3D mode to use project settings, or whatever you set it to too earlier in the project properties. Now select the color space to default.

Now click OK and then render.

That’s all! you should have a good sized file and good looking recording!

Written by Jaiden

How To Record In Shadowplay

Shadowplay is one of the best programs to record with on PC. It has compresses files, but just enough to not look bad, but have small files.

Simple version:

  1. Click the arrow on your task bar and right click the Nvidia logo and click “Open NVIDIA Geforce Experience”
  2. Click Shadowplay in the top right
  3. Click mode and click manual
  4. Click quality and click custom and turn the bit rate all the way up and put your frame rate to what you want it to be and Resolution to what you want it to be, Now click audio and set it to what audio you want it to record.
  5. Click on the gears below the switch and under overlays if you want one of those overlays click on it and to the right of it there will be a grid and click on where you want the overlay to be, if you don’t want one click off
  6. To the right of the grid it will say “Allow desktop capture” turn that off unless you are recording a window borderless or a window mode program or game or if you want to record your desktop
  7. Put microphone always on unless you want to use push to talk which if so you have to set a key for push to talk under keyboard shortcuts
  8. Under keyboard shortcuts it will say “Toggle manual recording on/off and save” to the left of that there will be a box click it and press the key you want to start and stop recordings with.
  9. Under recordings you can change the location where your videos save at.
  10. Now go into your game or game, and click the start key! Once your done click the same key

Detailed version:

So first, you have to have a Nvidia graphics card. To know, click the arrow on the very right of your task bar, if you see a Nvidia logo, you have a Nvidia GPU, if you don’t, then your out of luck and I recommend using OBS. So right click that Nvidia logo and click “Open NVIDIA Geforce Experience” Now, you will be in the Nvidia Geforce Experience program. In the top right of the program it will say “Shadowplay” click that, now you will be in the Shadowplay program. Click the switch on the left side of Shadowplay, and let it load. On the right side it will say “Audio” click on that and click the audio you want to record. Click quality and click custom, put the bit rate to the max which is 50, and click “Frame rate” and click 60 or 30 depending on what you want to record and how powerful your PC is and beside the frame rate button click the “Resolution” and click the resolution you want, if you have a bad PC click around the 1280×720 resolution and if you have a good PC click 1920×1080 now go back to the Shadowplay program. Click mode beside shadow time and and put it on manual. Under the switch there is a gear, click that, Now, under keyboard shortcuts there should be a place that says “Toggle manual recording on/off and save” and click the box and press the key to start and stop recording recording. There should be an area saying recording, under that if you want you can change the place where your recordings save. At the very top of that window there should be an area that says overlays, if you want one of those overlays click the one you want and click the position you want on the grid beside it. If you don’t want one click the off button. To the right of that make sure “Allow desktop capture” off unless your playing a windowed or windowed borderless game. Last but not least, under microphone click always on unless you want push to talk which if you do you have to set a key for it under keyboard shortcuts. Now your ready to record. Click your record key when your ready to record

YouTube tutorial:

Written by Jaiden