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My Favorite Skyrim Mods To Make The Game Look Beautiful

So in this post, I will tell you guys my favorite skyrim mods. If you don’t know how to mod look at this tutorial


Skyrim HD – 2k Textures –                                     This will overhaul all the textures of Skyrim. Thing of this as the base of all the textures

Make sure to click files and download all of the mods – aMidianBorn Book of Silence –                                                                               Makes some Skyrim textures more pretty.

Improved NPC Clothing –                                Makes the NPC clothing look way better then any mod I’ve used.

Realistic Water Two –                                      Makes the water look amazing, and changes the color of the water. Makes it look realistic

Serious HD Retexure –                                      Just adds more beautiful textures.

Better Goats –                                                    Makes the goats look better.

Enhanced Night Skyrim –                                     Adds a nice night sky.

High Definition Ivy –                                        Adds nice ivy textures.

Noble Skyrim Mod HD 2K –                           Just more re textures.

Ruins Clutter Improved –                              Makes the random stuff in the ruins look way better.

Nicer Snowflakes –                                               Adds better snowflakes.

No More Blocky Faces –                                         Makes the default, blocky Skyrim faces, look better.

HiRes Legible Road Signs –                               Makes the road signs look better.

Enhanced Blood Textures –                                 Makes the blood textures look better.


The Ruffled Feather –                                     Makes the environment look alot better.

If you want more grass – Grass Field –     Adds more beautiful grass.

If you want bigger trees – Skyrim Bigger Trees –                                                                               Adds bigger trees.

You can pick different a summer edition if you click files – Skyrim Flora Overhaul –                                                                                    Makes all the enviorment in skyrim look better.

If you want trees in cities – Trees In Cities –                                                                               Adds trees on cities.

Real Clouds –                                                      Makes the clouds look better.


Enchanced Lights And FX –                           Makes the lights more realistic

Relighting Skyrim –                                          Just Relights Skyrim.


Dust Effects –                                                      Adds dust effects.

Remove Interior Fog V2 –                              Removes the interior fog.

This is what your game should look similar too:

How To Mod Skyrim

So, there are many amazing Skyrim mods, if you want to get some for your PC version of Skyrim, just follow this tutorial.

So there is a way to mod Skyrim with mod organizer, but I am going to show you how to mod Skyrim with Nexus Mod Manager. First, go to and click download for whatever version of Windows you have. then it will ask you to register a account. Click Register a free account, when you get to that page, click register on the right side. A lot of people get confused with this, you don’t have to choose a paid account unless you want to, just don’t select anything, go to the bottom, and click create account. Once you’re done making you’re account, go back to that link at the top of this post, and click download for whatever version of Windows you have, run the installer, and get into the program. Now, pick a mod you want on the Nexus website, and click download (NMM) and now it should ask you what you want to do and click launch application. Now it will launch Nexus Mod Manager. Now once it’s downloaded, double click the folder where its downloaded to in Nexus Mod Manager and double click the mod and now its’ activated! Some mods when you download them, say what other mods you need to run the mod, make sure you have those. As well, most mods need SKSE, which you get from here  click installer, it should download and then just run the installer. Now launch Skyrim, and have some fun!

How To Surf In CS:GO

So you want to learn how to surf?

So how do you surf, first you gotta get into a surf server by launching CS:GO and clicking play and then browse community servers and then server in the search bar surf and then it should pop up with a bunch of servers, if it doesn’t click refresh list. Try to connect to servers with a lot of people because recently there have been viruses attached to these servers when they download the map, and whatever else is on the server, so once your in the server hold w and jump onto the ramp, if you’re going on the left side of it, hold d, if you’re on the right side hold a. Once you’re done that try to mess around with the different positions of the ramp, try to go to the bottom, try to fling yourself from the bottom to the top to jump, stay on the top to gain speed, just mess around with where you should go in different situations. Try surf_beginner to start.

That’s all, have a great day!

Written by Jaiden

How To Get Better At CS:GO

So I’ve been practicing for CS:GO a lot lately, and this is how I got better.

  1. So what I do, is when I hop on CS:GO I go to browse community servers, and find a death match server, these people are most likely serious about the game. Try to play about 15 minutes with the AK-47 and 15 minutes with the M4A4/M4A1-S, then I go back to browse community servers and try to find a pistol only death match server, I try to do 15 minutes of USP-S and 15 minutes of glock-18, if you want to practice even more, try to play on a retake server. Try to do this everyday
  2. Try to play with a group of friends/players who won’t mess around! If you want to play this game seriously, you have to find people who want to play the game seriously aswell. You can find these people by playing competitive or Face it or ESEA and add the players or go onto a sub Reddit like or there is steam groups for finding serious players.
  3. Find the perfect sensitivity. They’re many videos on YouTube on how to find the perfect sensitivity such as

  1. if you want to get better game sense, watch pro games and see what kind of strategies they are doing, or anything else. If your a awper, maybe watch KennyS demos or a player like that, if you use rifles, maybe watch ScreaM or a player like that
  2. Make sure to manage your economy, only buy when your team is buying and save when your team saves. This is very important.

That’s all the tips for today.

Written by Jaiden

How To Unlock The Slender The Arrival Secret Level

So recently I’ve been playing Slender The Arrival… And I found out there’s a secret level.

So first what you want to do, is start a new game. You run down the road until you get to Kate’s house. Look at the swing in Kate’s front yard and a message will pop up saying “I remember playing on this swing set with Kate when we were kids.” Then enter the house and go to the room with the piano and play it until it says something on your screen. Then grab the flashlight, walk outside across the road until you see the missing person paper. When you come close you will die. It will bring you back to the main menu and then just click start game.

Enjoy the level. Please don’t spoil it in the comments.

Written by Jaiden